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Where does the inspiration come from?

I'm constantly inspired by my clients

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them.

Meeting new clients means I'm going to experience something new. It might be their love for travel and the collection they have acquired over all the miles. I take in every accessory collected and get to hear the adventure behind each piece. Or it might be their pets, and the saga of a rescue or a chance meeting of how they met their fabulous furry family member. These meetings are what inspire me and makes each project interesting and unique. I start stashing ideas away in my head of things that might be special to this new client right from this first meeting. Each client is like a new book and first meetings are much like the first chapter. And as you get to know them more... the story gets more interesting and each piece added in, well that's a new chapter. The story builds until you have completed a project as unique as the client. The End